Month: March 2017

Snow Removal Policy/Procedure

It is our intent for you to have access to your storage unit at all times, however, when there is a heavy snowfall, it may take us 24 – 48 hours for removal of the driveways.  We plow a wide path down the center of each isle and the plow will make sure that the areas to the sides of each building are clear for driving.

We are unable to plow directly up to the doors without risk of damage.  Due to this and the drifting that often occurs at Northern Lights Storage, we recommend you bring a shovel with you if you need to access your storage after any snowfall.

Management will provide ice melt for you in case it is needed for access to your unit.  This is centrally located on the west side of the middle bank of units.  Please use the salt sparingly but as necessary and be sure to return the scoop for the next person to use.

When there is inclement weather we ask that you use your best judgement when accessing your storage unit.  Please be careful on the ice and snow.  Management is not liable for any accidents.